Hip Replacement - Inpatient

This surgery replaces the two major parts of the hip joint with man-made materials.

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Step 1

A visit with a health care provider for a detailed evaluation and treatment of your symptoms.

$229 Avg

What's Included?

Service Average
Blood sample collection $3
X-ray $55
Comprehensive metabolic blood panel $11
Complete blood count (CBC) test $9
Blood clotting time test $4
Blood coagulation test $6
EKG, including report $23
Office visit for established patient $118

Step 2

Surgery to replace a diseased or damaged hip joint with manmade parts.

$33,109 Avg

What's Included?

Service Average
Anesthesia $1,008
Replacement of thigh bone and hip joint prosthetic $1,710
Inpatient stay for knee or hip replacement (facility fee) $30,061
X-ray $15
Hospital care, first provider visit $229
Hospital care, second provider visit $86

Step 3

A guided exercise program to reduce stiffness and improve range of motion in the hip.

$550 Avg

What's Included?

Service Average
Therapy procedures to develop strength, endurance, range of motion, and flexibility $312
Physical therapy $161
Evaluation of physical therapy $77

Step 4

A follow up office visit and x-ray after you have left the hospital.

$291 Avg

What's Included?

Service Average
X-ray $55
Office visit for established patient $236